27th October, 2019
Topic: The Culture Of kingdom (The Kingdom & The Glory pt3)
Text: Matt.20:22-28
Speaker: Pastor Bokeime Udom

Social science defines culture as a people’s way of life. There’s a way we do things in the kingdom. We have a culture that is called heavenly culture.

The kingdom is about influence. Like yeast, the kingdom of God permeates and influences the world. There’s a nature that commands the culture. Once a man is not born again, the nature of God cannot be in him and, he therefore, cannot command the kingdom order of results.

2Cor.5:17 makes it clear that once a man becomes born again, he ceases to be ordinary. There’s a new nature that comes upon him and that new nature is the nature of God. This new nature is the nature of love.

Kingdom people are love people. It is the love in you that commands the kingdom culture. If you don’t have love, you don’t have the nature of God because God is love (see 1John 4:8). It is this love in you which is the kingdom nature that commands the kingdom culture. This is what gives us superiority on earth.

Matt.6:33. Once you encounter the reality of God, your earthly needs will be met. The secret of having all your physical needs met is the kingdom. The kingdom is the answer to every human problem.

You cannot experience heaven on earth if you’re behaving earthly. When you come into the kingdom, you copy the culture of the kingdom and live it out. Heaven’s Kingdom cannot manifest through you if your lifestyle is not in line with its realities.

Matt.20:22-28 clarifys that if you want to be a person of the kingdom, you must serve. Once you love, you will serve. The nature of God in you compels you to serve. Jesus served humanity, He gave His time…He gave everything. And when there was nothing else to give, He gave His life.

Again, in the kingdom, you don’t get enthroned by lobbying, you get enthroned by serving. if you want to rise in the kingdom, be willing to serve others (Phil.2:5-31). Humility mixed with service brings influence.

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