20th October, 2019
Topic: The Kingdom & The Glory (Pt.2)
Text: Gen.1:26
Speaker: Pastor Bokeime Udom

Every kingdom has its glory. Glory is the essence, the splendour, beauty and the fullness of all the wonderful things that emanates from a kingdom. His goodness, mercy, glory, power, honour and strength; all constitute His glory.

Once you step into the kingdom of God, you cannot but experience His glory. God made man to be like Him that they may reign together; to be in control and to exercise kingly dominion.

God made man to reign over things, but today, men chase after the things they should reign over. Know that we should command things and not pursue things. We should rule over things, not to be ruled by things. God doesn’t have problem with you possessing things, He has problem with things possessing you. And this has become a limitation to the expression of the kingdom life that God has put inside of us. He designed us to rule all things, including money.

God made man to be like Him by making man in His image and likeness, so, we can rule and fellowship with Him. The glory of the kingdom is sustained by fellowshipping with the King.

The garden of Eden was a physical heaven. Adam had a right standing with God. He was in kingdom perfect space untill he sinned and the spirit of God left him and then he lost his citizenship. Fellowship was broken and his divine nature was taken away. Sin breaks communion with God.

Few Things Jesus Taught On The Kingdom Of God In Matthew 6:25-31.

1) The kingdom of God is all you need to have all your needs met. Seek the kingdom, it has connections with your material needs and financial supply.

2) Seek only the kingdom. Seek it with all your being. The kingdom is a devotion you cannot share with another thing. It requires absolute abandonment.

3) To express the kingdom, you must practice the kingdom lifestyle – righteousness. Seek the kingdom, operate in and apply it. Seek to practice the kingdom principles. Seeking the kingdom means seeking it’s establishment and advancement.

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The series continues this Sunday.

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